Mozambique Immigration Services

Newland Chase offers full support with all aspects of corporate immigration to Mozambique. Please find an overview of the typical corporate immigration processes below. Every situation is unique, so please do get in touch, either through your usual Newland Chase contact or using the details on the right hand side of the page. Our immigration experts will be glad to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Immigration Summary

The standard Work Permit process allows foreign nationals to live and work in Mozambique, provided that the host entity has a quota for foreign hires. A local contract will need to be signed. Approval is granted for up to two years and is not renewable – the foreign national should train a local national during their initial two year employment. However, new work permit applications may be filed from within Mozambique with a new employment contract (of a maximum of two years again) and provided that there is sufficient corporate justification for the extended foreign national employment this is generally approved

As of November 2017, first-time Work Permit holders will not be required to undergo the Temporary Residence Authorisation (DIRE) process. Rather, the principal applicant's passport will be collected by the immigration authorities upon entry into Mozambique for extension and endorsement of a long-term work visa. This long-term visa will be issued valid for up to one year at a time and serve as the main applicant's work and residence authorisation during his/her time in Mozambique.

Work Authorisation (Out of Quota), if the host entity does not have enough local employees, is a longer and more document-intensive process than a quota application. There is also a Union Approval step. Favourable opinion from the relevant union must be obtained to support the application.

Foreign nationals may work in Mozambique for up to 90 consecutive or non-consecutive days per calendar year with a Short-Term Work Permit approval issued after the host entity communicates the assignment to the Ministry of Labour (MITESS) and provided the work is considered urgent.

The Short-Term Work Permit for the Oil, Gas and Mining Sector is valid for up to 180 consecutive or non-consecutive days per calendar year.