Knowledge Portal

Immiguru, Newland Chase’s global immigration knowledge software, is a comprehensive resource that houses the latest information on and detailed step-by-step guide for nearly 2,000 immigration processes across over 100 countries. This award-winning, entirely web-based database was meticulously designed to provide organizations with immediate access to current, detailed and user-friendly corporate immigration knowledge. It offers valuable resources such as document lists, timing charts, red flags and recommended local supplier details, empowering users to efficiently manage projects and timelines right from the outset.

Immiguru’s features encompass:

  • Coverage of 3000+ processes spanning 100+ countries
  • Regular reviews conducted by 350+ independent immigration services providers globally
  • Gannt chart timelines offering estimated minimum, average, and maximum processing times for each step of the process, as well as estimated date of entry to and date of right to start work in the country
  • A supporting documents section outlining necessary documents for the application, including requirements for notarizations, translations, or legalizations
  • A red flags tool providing immediate access to common causes of delay, providing valuable time-saving insights
  • Extensive global immigration knowledge systematically organized for easy access and consistent presentation
  • Information available in downloadable PDF
  • Customizable data options

Don’t let the complexities of immigration processes slow you down. With Immiguru’s extensive features and invaluable resources, you can stay ahead of the curve and easily and efficiently manage your immigration projects and timelines.