Data Security & Global Compliance

We are fully committed to protecting the data you trust us with.

We adhere to the most stringent requirements in information security as part of a comprehensive program to monitor and safeguard all sensitive data. The three pillars of our commitment to data security and global compliance are our people, our systems, and our processes.

Our employees and their training are the foundation of our success, and the first building block of our secure and innovative approach to technology. Our dedicated security team conducts 24/7 monitoring, alert escalation, and risk management. All staff undergo mandatory ongoing security awareness and GDPR training and testing.

We invest heavily in developing proprietary and innovative technology, which is both intuitive to use and secure by design.  Every year, we complete and pass more than one hundred external IT security reviews conducted by our multinational clients. Our technology systems receive penetration testing and vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection systems, virus and phishing protection, two factor authentication, critical patch management, and firewall protection. All data centers are SOC II or ISO27001 compliant with 24/7 physical security. All software is developed to be OWASP compliant.

Through global compliance and mandated adherence to procedures, standards, and policies, we have built a secure and streamlined customer process. Our processes undergo constant refinement and analysis to conform to the latest technology and compliance laws and standards.