Immigration Policy & Compliance

Legal compliance is a top concern for every business. For companies operating on an international scale in multiple countries, compliance takes on an increased level of complexity. The key to consistent immigration compliance is having the right policies and processes in place and aligned to your unique business needs. In our role as your trusted business advisor, we offer an extensive suite of advisory services and compliance strategies.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services Team supports you with advice and guidance beyond the more common immigration services:

  • Research and project-related work
  • Providing assessments for complex moves – including assessment of potential assignees and immigration options
  • Advising our clients on key immigration changes and how the changes affect their program
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving your policies and processes for successful global mobility programs, including best practices, benchmarking against other companies, and designing bespoke immigration strategies
  • Creating and training on immigration strategies aligned with any group moves, mergers/acquisitions, or any other specific project work
  • Mock audits to ensure your employee records are in compliance and ready for any potential government inspections
  • Maintaining Posted Worker compliance with the various national rules and requirements including processing Posted Worker notifications, acting as Designated Representative, and evaluating A1 Certificates. Learn more about Posted Worker services.

Immigration Policy Consulting

Having the right internal policies governing the travel and immigration of your employees is the foundation of a successful global mobility program and effective compliance. We work with you to develop policies tailored to you. Our immigration advisors will help you:

  • Develop and implement policies for a successful global mobility program with proven best practices and benchmarking against other companies
  • Maintain, evaluate, and improve policies currently in place and over time as business needs and laws change
  • Train your managers and employees on the policies and processes that ensure compliance and its success