Case Management Portal

Immigo is Newland Chase’s flagship case management technology platform developed to provide a fast, secure and innovative approach to immigration management. Immigo simplifies complex processes one task at a time, ensuring a smoother journey for immigration managers and alleviating the daunting uncertainties associated with immigration management. With a special module designed for the Applicant users, Immigo acts as an intuitive companion for the Applicant’s insights into their case progress, pending actions and tentative timeframes. Newland Chase’s team of experts have revolutionized the case management experience from start to finish with this technology.

With Immigo, users can experience:

Streamlined Interface

  • Simplified case progress overviews and updates
  • Visual representations of daily, weekly, or monthly priorities upon login
  • Easy-to-access case metrics, to-do lists, upcoming expiries and followed cases
  • Quick action buttons for simple and direct ways to initiate cases and run reports
  • Drag and drop functionality and the ability to upload multiple documents to a single line item during document uploads
  • Ability to view case progress with clear breakdowns of case steps, applicable documents, deadlines and responsible parties
  • Global search capabilities for quick location of cases and at-a-glance updates

Simplified Workflows

  • At-a-glance iconography for instant information recognition
  • Visual overviews of common case management functions, including task prioritization by time period, case metrics, to-do lists, upcoming expiries and followed cases
  • Simplified processes with quick action buttons that offer direct initiation of cases, report generation and actionable real-time data streams.
  • Clear and actionable to-do lists case, due dates, or individualized missing items
  • Secure and easy-to-use document upload and document management
  • Safe and simplified process for providing additional information to consultants
  • Report creation features, eliminating the need for additional support from Newland Chase
  • Use of work phones for quick, on-the-go Immigo case status checks
  • Auto-filling of previously provided information and documents of existing clients
  • Relocation of common actions from case details pages to strategic locations throughout the experience to support more intuitive immigration task guidance
  • Auto-filling previously provided personal information and documents of existing applicants
  • Intuitive guidance of users through their immigration tasks by relocating common actions from case details pages to strategic locations throughout the experience
  • Elimination of redundant tasks by removing requests for duplicate information or documentation

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Intuitive guidance for immigration managers through their immigration tasks
  • Relief of the mental burden experienced by immigration managers through enhanced intuitive navigation, self-service reporting, streamlined case initiations, and prominent highlighting of key information throughout the experience.
  • Reduction of system redundancies and/or limitations by minimizing the need for users to repeatedly provide details or documentation (at initiation, case applicant or company levels).

Ready to simplify your immigration management experience? Explore Immigo’s revolutionary features and start streamlining your immigration workflows like never before.