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IRELAND: Online Renewal of Immigration Registration Available

July 7, 2020

The online Registration Renewal System for immigration registration has been extended to all Dublin-based non-EEA nationals seeking to renew their immigration registration. And, effective 20 July, the Registration Office in Burgh Quay will reopen for first-time registrations.

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UNITED STATES: Entry Ban Extended to Schengen States, UK and Ireland

March 12, 2020

US President Donald Trump has announced the suspension of entry for travelers of any nationality who have been in the Schengen area in the previous 14 days.

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IRELAND: Spike in Employment Permit Applications Causes Processing Delays

January 14, 2020

A surge in applications for employment permits at the end of 2019, ahead of a 1 January 2020 increase in salary thresholds and increased advertising requirements, has led to processing delays in Ireland.

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IRELAND: Upcoming Changes to the Employment Permits System

December 20, 2019

Changes to employment permits, effective 1 January, will address immediate labor shortages in hospitality, construction, health and road haulage sectors.

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IRELAND: Business Immigration Developments in July 2019

August 8, 2019

2019 continues to be a busy year for Irish immigration with three further significant developments occurring in July alone.

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IRELAND: Consultation on Employment Permits and Occupation Lists

June 11, 2019

A public consultation has opened in Ireland to review the occupation lists for employment permits for workers from outside the European Economic Area.

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IRELAND: Most Common Work Permit Options… in 5 Minutes

June 4, 2019

A strong economy and EU membership - Ireland is rising as an international business destination. Useful summary of common work permit options for business.

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BREXIT: UK and Ireland Sign Deal to Guarantee Common Travel Area Rights

May 9, 2019

The governments of Ireland and of the United Kingdom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Common Travel Area (CTA).

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IRELAND: Abolition of Re-entry Visa System Announced

April 12, 2019

Visa-required nationals holding a valid Irish Resident Permit card or GNIB card will no longer require a re-entry visa to leave and return to Ireland.

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IRELAND: Changes to Employment Permits System to Address Labour Shortages in Key Sectors

April 3, 2019

Effective 22 Apr 2019, changes have been announced to the Critical Skills List of Occupations and the Ineligible List of Occupations, following the first bi-annual review of 2019. The changes include an allowance of an extra 300 workers in the area of customs duties and control.

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