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ITALY – Update on New EU Blue Card Application Rules  

April 16, 2024

On March 29, 2024, the Italian Government announced changes to the EU Blue Card scheme.

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ITALY – Implementation of Digital Nomad Visa

April 10, 2024

Following the introduction of the Italian Digital Nomad Visa in 2022, the Italian authorities have published a decree to implement the new visa.

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ITALY – New EU Blue Card Application Rules

November 28, 2023

New conditions of entry and stay have been announced for third-country nationals who intend to carry out highly qualified work in Italy.

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ITALY – Changes Allow Quicker Start for Workers

July 14, 2023

Foreign nationals from non-European Union countries will be able to begin working in Italy at jobs immediately under their work visa, once they receive their work permit (nulla osta).

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ITALY: Quotas for 2023 Announced

February 3, 2023

Italy has announced the number of work permits available per year in Italy for some types of employment scenarios for 2023.

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CANADA: Canada-Italy Youth Mobility Agreement and Updates

November 16, 2022

Canada has announced a new youth work experience agreement with Italy and issued further guidance to Canadian employers on responsibilities towards foreign workers.

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ITALY: Government Plans to Safeguard Residence Rights of UK Nationals in Event of No Deal Brexit

January 15, 2019

The Italian government has announced that it is preparing legislation that will allow British citizens residing legally in Italy to remain resident in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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ITALY: Labour Authorities Step-Up Enforcement of Posted Worker Rules

June 1, 2018

The Italian Labour Inspectorate (INL) has implemented stricter rules and policies on investigating company compliance with Italy’s rules implementing the European Union (EU) Posted Workers Enforcement Directive. Companies both sending and hosting foreign workers in Italy should verify compliance.

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ITALY: Family Residence Permit Applicants Can Start Work Upon Application Submission

May 16, 2018

On 7th May 2015, with immediate effect, the Italian Ministry of Labour clarified that applicants for residence permits for family reasons, which allow employment or self-employment without the need for a subordinate work permit, can start work as soon as they have submitted the application.

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ITALY: Consulates Apply More Rigorous Definition of Permissible Business Visa Activities

March 2, 2018

Effective immediately, Italian consulates are more strictly assessing business visa applications, defining the allowable business activities according to Visa Decree 850/2011 as the following: to make contacts or conduct negotiations; or for learning and verifying the use and functioning of capital goods purchased or sold under commercial and industrial cooperation agreements. Previously, the Ministry of […]

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