Brexit Research Projects: Strategic Travel and Mobility Guidance for Your Business

June 15, 2021

Newland Chase has been closely following Brexit for the past five years to ensure employers are equipped with the latest news on what Brexit means for migration. In our Business Visitors After Brexit white paper we recommend developing processes around proposed business visitors to include an assessment of the proposed business activities to ensure compliance with immigration rules. This is suitable for one-off or small-group trips, but what if your company has more extensive plans for business travel throughout the year or a specific event that will require significant travel? A Brexit research project might better serve the strategic travel and mobility needs of your organization.

What is a Brexit research project and why do employers hire us to perform this expert analysis?

A Brexit research project is conducted by the Advisory Services Team at Newland Chase. The employer provides the business travel need (for example, a project sending 15 employees to the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic for 21 days in each country), the travellers’ nationalities, and the proposed activities in each country. Newland Chase’s immigration lawyers and solicitors will then provide expert guidance on complex areas of immigration law to assess the immigration requirements for each traveller in each applicable country (and other consultation needs, as requested).

Recent examples of Brexit research projects include:

  • Ascertaining whether a work permit exemption is available for UK nationals travelling to EU countries.
  • Working with media companies in relation to production companies filming European football (soccer) tournaments, reality TV shows, and large-scale events.
  • Conducting country- and traveller-specific assessments surrounding possible work permit exemptions for engineers throughout the EU.

Not only can the team assist with large-scale research projects, but we can also conduct trainings for clients upon request.

How do employers use the information we provide to make decisions for their businesses?

Employers can use the analysis for overall project planning; improved visibility on costs; and understanding the immigration options, process steps, red flags and timelines prior to engaging Newland Chase for transactional immigration casework. Newland Chase provides strategic recommendations to save the organization time and money, such as identifying the best employees to travel due to their nationalities and travel backgrounds.

How does a company initiate a Brexit research project?

Employers can initiate a Brexit research project with their Newland Chase Client Services Manager who would obtain initial information such as the number of employees travelling, the employees’ relevant information, the destination countries, and travel timeframe. Newland Chase will then provide a fee quote based on the number of countries and job roles involved.

With the complex, fast-changing nature of Brexit and its considerable impact on employers, it is critical to have a trusted advisor by your side. Newland Chase stands ready to support you and your global mobility. Contact your dedicated Client Services Manager today for more information. Don’t have a Client Services Manager? Contact us.


This publication is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Readers are reminded that immigration laws are subject to change. We are not responsible for any loss arising from reliance on this publication. Please contact CIBTvisas or Newland Chase should you require any additional clarification or case specific advice.