ARGENTINA: Police Clearance Certificates Required for Certain Visas

December 10, 2019

Effective immediately, holders of 30-day technical or professional visas valid for 30 days who apply to renew the visa for a sixth time (i.e. beyond six months’ continuous stay in Argentina) must submit police clearance certificates (PCCs) from their country of origin and/or all countries where they have lived during the previous three years.

Each PCC must be legalised for use in Argentina (i.e. legalised by the Argentinian consulate in the country of issuance, or apostilled, as required) and translated into Spanish (if applicable).


The technical or professional visa (24H), also known as the special transitory visa (24H), is intended for foreign professionals providing short-term services to an Argentinian entity.

These visas are generally granted for 30 days and can be applied for at an Argentinian consular post or, for visa waiver nationals, post arrival in Argentina.  The special transitory visa can be renewed in Argentina for incremental periods of 30 days up to a total maximum period of one year.

Alternatively, visa-waiver nationals and Chinese nationals holding a valid US B-2 or Schengen visa can apply for a post-arrival 90-day Temporary Work Authorisation (TWA), although an applicant may only apply for a maximum of two 90-day TWAs in one year. PCCs from the country of origin or previous residence are not required for this TWA application.

Our Advice

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