BRAZIL: 90-Day Visa Waiver Granted for 2016 Summer Olympics

January 7, 2016

The Brazilian Federal Government voted in favour of nationals from the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan being able to enter Brazil for leisure purposes for 90 days, without having to arrange a visa in advance.

Visitors to Brazil from these four countries, will be able to travel freely to Brazil without the need for a visa to be issued prior to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio.

The Visa Waiver Program already allows tourists from many other nations to visit Brazil without the need for a visa. Henrique Eduardo Alves, Brazil”s Tourism Minster, believes that the temporary measure to add the four countries to the waiver programme will significantly increase tourism in Brazil during the Games, with an increase of 20 per cent in visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The visa waiver programme is expected to temporarily be in place between 1st June 2016 and 18th September 2016

The Olympic Games will be in Rio from 5th to 21st August 2016, with the Paralympic Games taking place from 7th to 18th September.

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