CANADA – New Passports Unveiled

May 15, 2023

Canadian passports will have a different look this summer.

A new design for Canadian passports were unveiled on May 10, the product of almost 10 years of consultation. According to government officials, the new design passports will be more secure with a number of enhanced security features included in the new design.

The new passports will feature security features such as color-changing ink, photos which appear and disappear depending on the viewing angle, and personal identifiable information (PII) being laser engraved rather than printed onto the page. This last feature makes the passports for difficult to tamper with or modify.

The passports will also feature a new set of images on the internal pages. The existing images of famous Canadian individuals and historic events are being replaced by more abstract images of scenes of Canada’s natural environments, animals, and Canadian life. This change has been criticized by some Canadians, though the government replied saying the change in imagery is also a security feature in that potential counterfeiters cannot rely on reproducing images that have been featured in passports for more than a decade.

The new design passports will begin to be issued this summer.

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