CHINA: Expedited Permit Processing for Highly-Skilled Foreign Nationals in Shanghai

January 13, 2020

Effective immediately, certain Category A (highly-skilled) applicants seeking permission to work in Shanghai can apply for their work and residence permits simultaneously under a new “single window” procedure, shaving several days off the processing time.

Under the standard process, work permit applicants whose online applications have been accepted must submit their supporting documents at the Shanghai Foreign Expert Bureau, which must verify the documents within ten days (in practice, this usually only takes two to three days for Category A applicants).

Afterwards, they have to submit their residence permit application at the Public Security Bureau, which has a seven-day time limit for approval.

Under the new system, Category A applicants whose prospective employers are registered at qualifying Shanghai Expert Bureau service centers can submit these two applications in one visit, and the work and residence permits can be collected simultaneously, within a maximum of seven days.

The new system is currently available at the Shanghai Foreign Expert Bureau Service Centers in Meiyuan (Minsheng Road) and in Xuhui District, and is expected to be extended to all districts in Shanghai this year.

Our Advice

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