COLOMBIA: Nationals of More Countries Included in Visa-Free Entry Regime

March 6, 2018

Effective 24th February 2018, the Colombian government has authorised certain nationals of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Qatar and Serbia to enter Colombia without a visa.

Moreover, nationals of Nicaragua who hold a valid visa or residence status from a Schengen country, the United States or Canada, as well as those who are residents of the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region or the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, now also qualify for the visa-free regime, but must pay a USD 10 entry fee.

Qualifying nationals of these countries arriving in Colombia will now receive a temporary visitor permit (Permiso de Ingreso y Permanencia, or “PIP”) in the relevant category, depending on the activities to be undertaken in Colombia, such as the PIP-7 for urgent technical work for up to 30 days, or the PIP-6 which allows certain business activities for up to 90 days.

They will then be able to apply post arrival for a visitor visa for intra-company transferees, temporary service providers or interns, or a migrant visa for employees or investors. Nationals of Montenegro were added to the visa-free regime, and South Africans removed from it, in September 2017.

Our Advice

Employers of nationals of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Qatar or Serbia who are going to Colombia for work should consider taking advantage of the post-arrival processes.

For advice and information on immigration to Colombia in general, please email us at [email protected]