COMPLIANCE CORNER – Increased On-Site Inspections Across Europe

May 5, 2023

Whilst international companies have been dealing with the realities of Brexit since the world reopened to travel, the compliance consequences of a UK outside of the European Union is still causing many companies to fall outside of rules, leading to significant impact on the ability to do business.

In Q1 2023, a number of EU member countries, including Belgium and Denmark, have ramped up on-site immigration inspections. As recently as last week, at least 14 UK contractors were removed from one company site by local immigration officers, and were arrested on the grounds that they lacked the required visas and immigration paperwork to perform their temporary duties legally in that location. They then faced additional questioning which could lead to possible fines, and in the worst-case, deportation. In a damaging move to the company’s ability to service its own clients, these contractors have also received a two-year Schengen zone travel ban – which affects their individual ongoing ability to travel around Europe.

It is imperative that companies use appropriate caution in sending any UK-national employees across Europe without fully assessing their immigration requirements first. Please reach out to Newland Chase at [email protected] if you would like to book a consultation with our immigration experts who can help you to navigate the post-Brexit immigration landscape.