COMPLIANCE CORNER – New Zealand introduces new penalty scheme

April 11, 2024

Immigration New Zealand has introduced a new scheme to combat breaches of low-level immigration compliance. The current scheme imposes criminal sanctions on companies who breach immigration compliance, however, several immigration compliance breaches are not addressed under the current scheme. As such, the new scheme can include breaches such as failure to respond within a deadline imposed for requested information; employing foreign nationals unlawfully and breaching visa conditions.

The potential penalties under the new scheme can include:

  • Financial penalty of minimum $1,000;
  • Loss of Accredited Employer status;
  • Temporary ban from sponsoring work visa applications;
  • Company listed in the non-compliant employer list.

The introduction of the new penalty system demonstrates New Zealand’s intentions to ensure and maintain compliance of immigration rules, and to combat breaches that do not warrant a criminal prosecution.

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