Congo (Brazzaville) Immigration Services

Immigration Summary

A Work Permit, issued initially for two years and renewable, is the standard immigration process for foreign nationals working in Congo Brazzaville. Note that in all cases, an employment contract is needed with the local entity, and must be approved and registered with ACPE (Agence Congolaise pour l'Emploi ). A Temporary Employment Authorisation (l'autorisation de travail temporaire) is issued to applicants intending to work in Congo Brazzaville for up to six months and is non-renewable. If the employment needs to continue past six months a work permit application should be filed. The applicant may have a contract either directly with the Congolese entity or may remain on contract outside Congo (Brazzaville). The applicant may not legally work in Congo until the temporary authorisation is obtained. Applicants sent on assignment to Congo (Brazzaville) – and remaining on home-country contract – may be able to obtain an Entry Visa to carry out short-term work for up to three months (non-renewable). It may be possible for the applicant to change status and apply for a work permit and a long-term visa if required to extend his/her stay; however, a direct employment contract must be signed with the entity in Congo (Brazzaville).