Dominican Republic Immigration Services

Newland Chase offers full support with all aspects of corporate immigration to Dominican Republic. Please find an overview of the typical corporate immigration processes below. Every situation is unique, so please do get in touch, either through your usual Newland Chase contact or using the details on the right hand side of the page. Our immigration experts will be glad to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Immigration Summary

A Temporary Residence (for Working Purposes), granted for one year and renewable, is the standard process for applicants who will be working in the Dominican Republic on a long-term basis. The applicant must have an employment contract directly with the Dominican Republican entity. It is generally permitted for the applicant to start working before temporary residence approval, as long as the application has been submitted to the relevant immigration and labour authorities. This should be double checked on a case by case basis.

The Temporary Worker (Trabajador Temporero) is the category of work permit for applicants working in the Dominican Republic on a temporary basis. It is valid initially for one year and renewable for an additional year.

The Short-Stay Permit is the standard process for applicants remaining on home payroll and contract while working in the Dominican Republic for more than 60 days and up to a maximum of 11 months.