Mexico Immigration Services

With offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Puebla, Newland Chase Mexico provides corporations and individuals operating in Mexico with complete support for all their immigration and visa needs – inbound to Mexico and outbound to more than 190 countries around the world. Our full spectrum of services allows us to manage all of your business visa and employee immigration needs. Our national coverage gives us the capacity to reduce travel expenses and expedite processes for our clients and their employees.

Founded in 1976, Newland Chase Mexico has more than 40 years’ experience representing the top national and multinational corporations operating in Mexico with its exclusive focus on immigration and nationality law. Our experienced team of attorneys, consultants, and paralegals offers tailored foreign workforce solutions for international companies covering a wide range of services – from standard immigration representation, to consultation, compliance audits, and training for HR and mobility managers, employees, and family members. Our goal is to create a fast, efficient, and user-friendly immigration and mobility experience to and from Mexico for your employees, while minimizing risks of non-compliance for both the employee and the company.

  • Mexico Immigration Management

    We provide support in all areas of Mexico immigration for corporations and individuals – from short-term work authorization and temporary residency to long-term work authorization, permanent residency, and citizenship, including both company employees and accompanying family members. Our approach covers you from comprehensive guidance and pre-planning of new assignments and immigration options to completion of all in-country requirements to ongoing compliance monitoring.

    For up-to-date information on the most common work authorization routes in Mexico, see Employment Immigration below.

  • Comprehensive Global Immigration Management

    For corporations and individuals located in Mexico, we also provide support in all areas of immigration to more than 190 countries around the world. Our Mexico team is part of the larger Newland Chase global team of 1,700+ expert immigration and visa professionals – specializing in everything from short-term work assignments and temporary residency to long-term work assignments, permanent residency, and citizenship throughout the world.

  • Business Traveler Management

    Business Visitor visas are a key component of a globally mobile workforce – allowing individuals to enter Mexico and other countries for non-work business activities for up to 180 days. Business Visitor visas typically apply to business meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, limited sales activities, contract negotiations, and some supervisory activities. Newland Chase Mexico offers comprehensive services for business travelers both inbound to Mexico and outbound to more than 190 countries.

    Nationals from designated countries may be exempt from this visa requirement, and several waiver programs may apply for nationals from countries who require a visa. Our team assists companies in evaluating applicable immigration and visa routes suitable for a particular activity and obtaining the proper visa. Our services include everything from personalized assessment of the activities and destination for visa compliance, to obtaining the proper visas, to tracking of the number and length of stays of your business travelers for legal compliance.

  • Immigration Policy and Compliance

    Our Mexico immigration experts offer an extensive suite of advisory services and immigration compliance strategies to ensure that your organization and employees remain compliant with all Mexican immigration and visa requirements. Our services include strategic guidance on immigration plans, development and implementation of immigration policies, sponsor compliance, education and training, audit support (including mock audits), and immigration compliance technology solutions.

  • Consulting and Advisory Services

    Our Mexico immigration experts act as trusted business advisors – supporting you in virtually any unique or complex immigration-related matter. Our Mexico team is able to manage the scope of immigration in large-scale projects and employee moves, as well as guide you through the immigration complexities involved in corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

Immigration Summary

The Temporary Resident - Remunerated Activities (Local Hire) process is for applicants who will be locally hired in Mexico for over 180 days.

The Temporary Resident - Non-Remunerated Activities (Assignee) process is for applicants who will be sent on assignment to Mexico (i.e. without local contract or payroll) for over 180 days.

The Temporary Residence Card is initially issued with a validity of one year and can be renewed for one, two or three additional years as long as it does not exceed four years in total.

The Long-Term Visitor Visa - Non-Remunerated Activities, applicable to “frequent travellers, allows visa-required nationals to stay in Mexico for up to six months at a time during the ten-year validity of the visa. In all cases, the approval is subject to the consular interview, which may be highly discretionary. Short-term work is permitted as long as the foreign national remains on home contract and payroll outside of Mexico.

The Visitor Visa - Non-Remunerated Activities (Short-Term Assignee) allows the applicant to enter Mexico for up to six months. Work is permitted as long as the foreign national remains on home contract and payroll outside of Mexico.

The Visitor Visa - Remunerated Activities (Short-Term Assignee) allows the applicant to enter Mexico for up to 180 days and have a payroll within Mexico.

ALERT: Effective April 20, 2024, the Mexican visa exemption for Peruvian ordinary passport holders for tourist and business visits to Mexico will be suspended. Peruvian ordinary passport holders who wish to visit the country for tourism or business purposes must apply for an appropriate Visitor visa at the nearest Mexican diplomatic mission in their country of citizenship or ordinary residence before travel. However, the following remain exempt from tourist and business visa requirements for up to one hundred eighty (180) calendar days, either as a continuous visit or several consecutive visits, during a one-year period and are not required to apply for a visa before travel: 1. The holder of a visa for Canada, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom or any of the countries comprising the Schengen Area, with a minimum validity of six (6) months. 2. The holder of permanent residence status as a foreigner for from Canada, Chile, Colombia, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom or any of the countries comprising the Schengen Area

Our Mexico team members are highly qualified and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of Mexico immigration. They come from the best of legal, consulting, in-house corporate and government backgrounds and bring a breadth of experience and insight both in immigration and a multitude of industry sectors. With a dedication to service and a consultative approach, our people act as your trusted advisors and partners in achieving your business goals in Mexico.

Our Mexican leadership team directs over 50 immigration experts working for you in Mexico. Meet our Mexico leadership team:

Maria del Carmen Guevara

Sr. Director CRM, Immigration & Travel - LATAM || Managing Director, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Karen Chavez

Immigration Operations Director

Mexico City, Mexico

Martha Mendoza

Immigration Manager

Mexico City, Mexico