COVID-19: Weekly Immigration Updates

January 17, 2022

Although global travel and entry requirements continue to change daily, alterations to temporary long-term immigration regulations and concessions have slowed significantly in recent weeks. Whether this is due to the climbing worldwide vaccination rates or optimism for continued pandemic improvement in 2022, many countries are re-opening immigration offices with full staffing and allowing COVID-19 related immigration concessions to expire.

In light of this recent trend, Newland Chase will begin to shift our focus to what’s ahead for global immigration and our COVID-19 Immigration Guide will be updated weekly every Monday. Rest assured, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 related immigration changes daily and any major changes will be communicated as they are announced. As always, notable or significant delays should be anticipated across all jurisdictions as the local authorities continue to process not only the backlog of built-up applications and requests, but also handle an increase in new applications as borders and offices return to pre-pandemic operations.

Our weekly COVID-19 Immigration Guide will continue to focus on enhanced immigration-related information and processes. Our guide provides clients with information on both immigration-related restrictions and concessions being announced due to COVID-19, and it helps our clients understand the overall impact the pandemic has on the immigration processes and permit holders in specific countries.

If you are looking for entry restrictions, we encourage you to visit our award-winning Entry Guide for this specific information. You will find the Entry Guide to be the up-to-date and authoritative source for all of your travel-related questions.

View our comprehensive guide, which gathers together the knowledge and data we have on immigration restrictions (office closures, visa suspensions, etc.) and immigration concessions, worldwide. Updated weekly as new information is released. 

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The Newland Chase Entry Guide is the Source for all your Travel Needs

COVID-19 has transformed international travel and each country has implemented unique entry requirements. These requirements are changing constantly. Our Newland Chase Entry Guide is the up-to-date and authoritative source for all your travel needs. The Newland Chase Entry Guide provides a quick summary of entry specifications based on your individual trip details.

Check out the Newland Chase Entry Guide to learn what’s required for single or multiple destinations.

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Disclaimer: We have aggregated information about some immigration-related restrictions imposed by some countries in response to this situation. The guide above contains information abridged from laws and administrative rulings and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice.