Newland Chase Webinar: Canada’s Fast-Tracked Immigration Streams

November 19, 2017

In response to rapidly changing global immigration trends (particularly next door in the U.S.), and the demands of the global technology industry, Canada is “upping its game” in the competition to attract the world’s best tech talent.

Canada is further opening its doors to tech and information firms with innovative fast-track immigration streams to assist companies in attracting and retaining the world’s top foreign tech talent.

Learning Outcomes:

• Uncover the opportunities presented by Canada’s new Global Skills Strategy and Global Talent Stream programs.

• Learn how to utilize these programs effectively to retain valued foreign employees and mitigate risk to your company from shifts in corporate immigration policy – such as the potential changes to the H1-B and H4 visa programs in the U.S.

• Get the details on how you can keep your foreign talent in the North American market through a successful “talent parking” strategy using Canada’s GSS/GTS streams.

Join Herman Van Reekum and Ken Nickel-Lane on 13 March @ 6:00 pm GMT / 2:00 pm EDT / Noon MDT  as they present our next live webinar featuring Canada’s fast-track immigration programs.

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