CROATIA: Nationals are Now to Enjoy Access to Eight More EU Member States Labour Markets

July 23, 2015

As of 1st July 2015, transitional restrictions have been lifted allowing Croatian Nationals access to a further eight EU Member States labour markets. This significant change has helped Croatians to move forward and enjoy the same degree of access to the labour markets as other EU members  enjoy under the Immigration Rules.
Croatian Nationals are now able to commence employment within Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy , Luxembourg and Spain without the need for a work permit.  
Migrants are now only required to complete an EU Registration process upon their arrival in the above mentioned Member States without the need of undergoing the strenuous work authorisation application process previously in place.
Croatia became the 28th Member of the European Union on 1st  July 2013 and thus became subject to the 2011 Act of Accession. This Act enabled EU Member States to temporarily restrict the access of workers from new EU members to their labour markets. The “temporary” transitional period for Croatia was set for a period of 7 years following three phases.
Croatia is currently in the second phase of this integration process and despite the new changes, it is to be noted that Croatian Nationals are still subject to stringent rules within 5 EU Member States, namely Austria, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. They are the only remaining EU Member States to have upheld their restrictions for a further 3 years under the existing Immigration Rules by not allowing Croatian Nationals “free” access to their labour markets.
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