DENMARK: Applicants for work and residence permits must register biometrics

June 12, 2012

On the 20th May 2012, the Danish government introduced biometric residence permits for all non-European nationals aged 18 years old or above who are applying to live and work in Denmark.  This means that such individuals will need to attend an appointment where they submit fingerprints and have a biometric photograph taken.

According to EU Regulation 380/2008, all European States are required to have implemented biometric residence permits by the 1st May 2011, however, many states have not yet launched the new system.

How will this affect you?

Generally, non-EEA nationals who wish to work in Denmark must submit an application for a combined work and residence permit to the Danish embassy in their country of residence or nationality. 

Following the introduction of biometrics, applicants will now need to either apply for a work and residence permit in person, or book a separate biometrics appointment online for no longer than 14 days after the initial permit application has been submitted.  Biometric appointments will take place at the closest Danish consular post in the applicant”s home country.  However, if renewing a work permit in Denmark, biometrics can be submitted at the foreign national”s local Danish police station or at the Danish Immigration Authority in Copenhagen.

If you are a national of a country which has no Danish diplomatic post, you may submit biometric information after arrival in Denmark.

Please note that this requirement also applies to applications which have already been submitted and are pending approval.  If you have submitted a work and residence permit for Denmark and are awaiting a decision, please now book a biometrics appointment.