DENMARK – Changes to the Danish Aliens Act 2024

June 11, 2024

By: Charlotte Branigan

The Danish Parliament has passed a Bill amending the Danish Aliens Act, allowing greater flexibility for residence in Denmark.

Effective from July 01, 2024, the amendment will allow employees in the short-term track of the Fast Track scheme to apply for an extension to their stay, provided the stay does not exceed 90 days per year. Once the employee has applied for the extension, they will be allowed to continue working without needing a new provisional work permit, new biometric features recorded, or a new ID check by SIRI.

If an employee is required to work beyond the 90-day allowance within the 12-month period, they need to apply for a new work and residence permit.

Additionally, there has been a positive development to the job change rule where an employee holds a Pay Limit Scheme permit and is looking to switch to a Fast Track scheme permit with the same sponsoring Danish company. They will now be able to continue to work while in the process of changing schemes.

Finally, changes to the requirements for a Danish bank account were announced. Employees will now be able to have their salary paid into a foreign bank account. The bank account requirement has been removed from the following schemes:

  • Researcher Scheme
  • The Fast-track scheme’s Researcher Track
  • The Fast-track scheme’s Education Track
  • The Fast-track scheme’s Short-Term Track
  • The Fast-track scheme’s General Pay Limit Track

For the remaining work permit schemes, the requirement to open a Danish bank account has been extended to 180 days.

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