DENMARK: Stricter Immigration Rules Proposed

October 15, 2015

The Danish government are proposing tougher immigration rules for the forthcoming parliamentary season, with 17 law changes set to affect foreigners residing in Denmark.

The changes include approved cuts to the welfare benefits currently afforded to refugees, as well as plans to make it more difficult to become a Danish citizen. Effective from 15thOctober, new applications for naturalization will be required to pass oral and written Danish language exams at level 3 rather than level 2, in addition to achieving a higher percentage of correct answers in the Citizenship test. Applicants will also have to prove they have supported themselves financially for 4.5 out of the last 5 years, which is a significant increase from the current requirement of 2.5 out of 5 years.

“It is a solid tightening in relation to the awarding of citizenship in Denmark. One must have a command of the Danish language, refrain from criminality and be self-reliant,” Integration Minister Inger Støjberg revealed at a press conference after reaching agreement with the Danish People”s Party, Liberal Alliance, the Conservatives and the Social Democrats. 

According to Støjberg, these citizenship rule changes represent the first time agreement has been reached between opposing political parties since 1999. 

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