Egypt Cancels Controversial Tourist Visa Plans

September 13, 2011

Anyone who plans to travel to Egypt for tourism purposes will be relieved to know that the Egyptian government has shelved controversial plans requiring tourists, and other visitors, to apply for visas before arrival in the country.

Last week the Egyptian government had seemingly approved the proposals.  However, on Sunday Tourism Minister Monier Fakhri Abdel Nour said the Cabinet had never issued any decision regarding the new rules.  He stated that he had informed the Cabinet that ‘local and outside reactions indicated that issuing such a decision would have severe negative repercussions on tourism in Egypt.’

The rules would have forced individual tourists to apply for visas in their home countries before entering Egypt. Only people travelling in groups with approved tour companies would have been able to continue getting visas at Egyptian airports.

The proposed rules would have included nationals from the United States, Europe, Australia, Gulf countries, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Tourism is an important pillar of Egypt’s economy which has been badly affected by the recent civil unrest and uprisings.

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