GHANA: Fees Changes and Application Form Introduced

May 10, 2016

A number of changes have been made by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and the Petroleum Commission (PC), with regards to the fees for various permits. A new information form has also been introduced, which must be completed for all work permit applications.

What are the new fees?

From 15th May 2016, the fees will apply as follows for the following permits, as agreed by the GIS:

Additionally, on 4th April the Petroleum Commission (PC) of Ghana introduced an administrative fee of $100 for work permit applications.

The new fee is part of a new payment process whereby the employer (or their representative) first submits the work permit application documents, together with the banker”s draft, to the Localisation Unit of the PC, which will then check whether the application documents and the fee are correct.

Then the employer (or their representative) will proceed to the PC”s Finance Department to pay the fee using the banker”s draft and a cover letter detailing all applications to be made. The employer (or their representative) will be given two copies of the receipt, one of which plus an endorsed copy of the cover letter should be returned to the Localisation Unit. The other copy of the receipt is for the employer.

The fee is applicable to both regular and “rotator” work permits, and to initial, renewal and appeal applications. The new fees must be paid in banker”s draft drawn on Ghanaian Banks approved by the PC and in Ghana Cedi equivalent at the prevailing exchange rate determined by the bankers of the Commission.

A new “information gathering sheet” has also been introduced, which is mandatory for all work permit applications.

The information gathering sheet must be completed, printed and attached to every application. Copies of the sheet are available to download or can be sent to the applicant by email upon request. An electronic application is being developed to facilitate the process.

Action items

Individuals applying for a permit to enter Ghana should be aware of the new fees and additional administrative fee of $100 for each application. Please ensure that all applications are submitted with the information gathering sheet attached.

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