GHANA: Petroleum Commission Announces Company Audits

July 17, 2018

The Petroleum Commission has launched a series of inspections of companies in the upstream sector in the Western Regime of Ghana, between 9th and 20th July 2018.

The inspection exercise will include the following areas:

  • Contracts and Procurement Activities
  • Human Resource (Work permit, Succession Planning, Localisation, Training, etc)
  • Local content commitments
  • Technology Transfer
  • Participation of your local partner in the execution of all contracts
  • Research and Development
  • Financial/Banking services
  • Insurance and Reinsurance services
  • Local Content Reporting
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Operational Performance, etc

Our Advice

Employers of foreign nationals operating in the oil and gas sector in Ghana should be prepared for an inspection from the Petroleum Commission, and are advised to contact their Newland Chase immigration specialist for assistance reviewing immigration compliance.

For general advice and information on immigration and business travel to Ghana, please email us at