GHANA – Visa Waiver Scheme with South Africa Launched

November 9, 2023

Travelers between Ghana and South Africa will no longer need visas. The two countries announced a visa-waiver scheme on 1 November, allowing citizens to travel freely between them.

The visa-waiver allows for travel for periods of up to 90 days within a calendar year, for purposes of business or tourism. The 90 days may be used in one block, or in incremental amounts until the 90-day total within a calendar year is reached. For stays beyond the 90-day limit, citizens of each country would then need to apply of a visa.

The two countries hope the agreement will boost tourism and will help to deepen economic cooperation between the two nations. It is also part of a growing trend of African nations moving towards free travel for citizens of the continent. Recently Kenya waived visa requirements for citizens of all other African nations.

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