HONG KONG – CIBT Expands Service

August 29, 2023

CIBT, a leading global provider of immigration, visa and document services for businesses and consumers, is proud to announce an expansion to our services in Hong Kong.

Previously, CIBT provided immigration-related services in Hong Kong through our Newland Chase brand. Now, we will also offer service through CIBTvisas, whose mission is navigating the complexities of the visa process and simplifying work and travel. Among the services now available in Hong Kong through the CIBTvisas brand are business and tourist visas, extensive visa support for some of Hong Kong’s most popular outbound destinations, and documentation services including legalizations and police clearance certificate assistance. The office will also offer specialized assistance for Taiwan visa applications, and support for Hong Kong residents in obtaining Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Cards.

As part of our expansion in Hong Kong, we will be adding more dedicated staff who are local experts with a deep understanding of the visa processes in Hong Kong. This staff, along with our industry-leading technology and global mobility database, will supply best-in-class service to travelers, companies, and foreign workers needing mobility assistance in Hong Kong.

The new operations in Hong Kong are part of CIBT’s ongoing expansion in 2023, which has also seen us expand our service offerings in Belgium, and open a new office in Bogota, Colombia. CIBTvisas services in Hong Kong will be led by Latha Olavatth, VP, Client Relationships – Hong Kong.