Immigo Brings New Tools to Immigration Case Management

April 3, 2024

CIBT is delighted to announce a range of groundbreaking enhancements to Immigo, our flagship immigration case management platform. The latest updates raise Immigo’s capabilities to a whole new level of functionality and effectiveness.

Immigo is a fast, secure, and innovative case management system that demystifies the complexities of immigration management, one task at a time. Our latest enhancements to the platform are based on extensive user research, product discovery, and rigorous prototyping.

At CIBT, we understand that tracking and responding to mobility scenarios is time-consuming for immigration managers. To address the uncertainties associated with immigration management, we focused on reimagining key user experiences within the platform.

Users will find the new Immigo:

  • Intuitively guides you through your immigration tasks​;
  • Provides self-service reporting and streamlines case initiations​;
  • And eliminates system redundancies and/or limitations by reducing the number of times you enter information.

Each step of the process has been redesigned to make the user experience simpler and easier to understand. The Home Screen features quick action buttons for insights, case initiation and reports. Immigo also provides a clear overview of case progress and delineates responsibilities for both specialists and applicants throughout the process. Finally, Immigo offers three interactive standard reports that are instantly downloadable, empowering mobility specialists to take immediate action on in progress cases, upcoming expiries, or billing insights.

Our refresh of the Immigo platform reflects CIBT’s commitment to providing our customers service excellence in technology tools.