IVORY COAST: Biometric Data Capture Introduced for Temporary Residence Applications

The Ivorian authorities have introduced a new procedure for Temporary Residence Permit applications, including biometric data capture.

A Temporary Residence Permit application or “Titre Provisoire de Séjour (TPS)” should be filed with the National Office of Identification (ONI) eleven weeks after entry into the Ivory Coast (i.e. a week before the three months mark).

The foreign national applicant (including any dependent family members) must attend in person, and biometrics (fingerprints; height measurement; photo) will be taken at the appointment and a receipt will be issued on the same day. The list of required documents for the TPS application, including photocopy of the applicant”s passport, visa and entry stamp, remains the same.

Our advice is to ensure that temporary resident permit applicants (including any dependent family members) attend the ONI in person to have their biometric data captured, eleven weeks after entry to the Ivory Coast.

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