SPAIN: New Dependency Status Regulations

Starting from 9th December 2015, the definition of who may be considered a dependant in Spain will change. Established by royal decree 240/2007, the regulation includes details of relatives and dependants that will be covered under EU framework.

Under the new regulations, it will now also include, members of the family whatever their citizenship, who can provide strong evidence at the moment of filing their application that:

  • They depend financially on the principal or live with him/her in the country of origin; and/or
  • That due to serious illness or disability, the EU national is in charge of personal care of that family member.

Common law partners will also be able to claim dependency under the new regulation, provided that they can prove the existence of a steady relationship. It will be considered that this exists when marital cohabitation of at least one continuous year is proven, if they have descendants in common, stable cohabitation will be sufficient.

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