INDIA: Government Extends Deadline for Linking Aadhaar Number

December 22, 2017

On 13th December 2017, the government of India extended until 31st March 2018 the deadline for residents to link their Aadhaar numbers to their bank account, mobile SIM card, PAN (Permanent Account Number) card and insurance policies.

Previously, there were various deadlines for linking each account to Aadhaar. The new rule was published in the Gazette of India by the Ministry of Finance.

The Supreme Court is expected to pass judgement on the legality of the Aadhaar system in January 2018.


Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued on a card by the Indian government to every individual resident of India.

The Finance Act 2017 made it mandatory to quote an Aadhaar number to file income tax returns (ITR) or to apply for or renew a PAN (Permanent Account Number).

Then, as we reported here, the Indian Ministry of Finance issued a notification on 11th May 2017 exempting certain taxpayers, including foreign nationals, from the requirement to submit an Aadhaar number when their ITR.

Currently, foreign nationals who have been resident in India for more than 182 days in the previous 12 months are advised to submit an Aadhaar number when filing their ITR, and Aadhaar will also be required for banking, mobile phone and insurance services.

Our Advice

Foreign nationals resident in India are advised to obtain an Aadhaar number soon enough to allow time to link it to their bank, mobile phone and insurance accounts before 31st March 2018 deadline.

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