INDONESIA: Potential Changes to the Work Permit Application Process

August 21, 2015

The standard Indonesian work and residence permit process includes eight application steps. However, there are 5 steps which are required in the pre-departure phase of the application process:

  1. Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA);
  2. Recommendation by the Manpower Department (TA-01 Approval) – based upon the approval of the RPTKA;
  3. Visa (VBS/Vitas) Telex Approval – based upon approval of the TA-01;
  4. Residence Visa Application – requires telex approval;
  5. DPKK Payment and Work Permit (IMTA) Application – based upon approval of the VBS.

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has internally announced the introduction of a new Regulation #16, 2015. The impact of which will amend the Work and Residence Authorization application process. It should be noted this announcement has not been issued publicly and therefore the intended date of implementation is yet to be confirmed. It is thought the process will be faster if formally introduced.

At this point we would advise all employers to continue following the current eight-step Work and Residence authorisation process as outlined in Regulation #12, 2013.

If you have any questions concerning the Indonesian work permit application process or global mobility issues in general please contact us.