IRELAND: Consultation on Employment Permits and Occupation Lists

June 11, 2019

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) has opened a public consultation as part of its latest twice-yearly review of the occupation lists for employment permits for workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

As part of our advisory services, Newland Chase Ireland can advise sectors, representative bodies and/or individual employers on submitting an effective and appropriate response to DBEI.

Should you wish to engage Newland Chase Ireland to advise, please bear in mind that the public consultation period will end on 12 July 2019.


The employment permits system is managed in part through the operation of the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List and Ineligible List of Occupations for the purpose of granting employment permits.

The current lists, effective from 22 April 2019, can be found here.

An occupation may be considered for inclusion on the Highly Skilled Eligible Categories List or removal from the Ineligible List of Occupations provided that:

  • There are no suitable Irish/EEA nationals available to undertake the work;
  • Development opportunities for Irish/EEA nationals are not undermined;
  • Genuine skills shortage exists and that it is not a recruitment or retention problem;
  • The Government education, training, employment and economic development policies are supported; and
  • The skill shortage exists across the occupation, despite attempts by industry to train and attract Irish/EEA nationals to available jobs.

Our Advice

Employers who wish to highlight skills shortages in their sector are encouraged to contact Newland Chase Ireland by 10 July 2019 by emailing [email protected].

For general advice and information on immigration and business travel to Ireland, please email us at [email protected]