ISRAEL: More Flexibility in the STEP Visa Process and Summer Processing Slowdown

August 16, 2019

The Israeli Work Permit Unit (‘WPU’) now allows for the STEP 90-Day Work Visa to be split into more than a single period, as was previously the case.

As a result, an employer wishing to employ a foreign expert for additional periods that will not exceed a total of 90 days in the same calendar year, can submit an additional STEP application.

The primary benefits of the STEP B-1 90-day work visa route are that there is no requirement of paying a high prevailing wage and its applicability to all foreign nationals.

The visa is used frequently for technicians and repair staff, as well as for Hi-Tech employees arriving to Israel from countries that cannot offer a salary which meets the threshold prevailing wage of the Hi-Tech visa.

Application for the STEP visa is made at the Israeli consular post in the country of residence/work of the assignee.

Summer Processing Slowdown

The Ministry of Interior has advised that from 18-24 August 2019 no appointments for the public will be accepted. Processing delays are to be expected once the regular schedule is reinstated.

Our Advice

Employers and assignees who may be affected by these changes are advised to contact their Newland Chase immigration specialist for advice.

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