ISRAEL: Updated Minimum Salary and Visa Application Fees

January 9, 2018

The Israeli government has updated the national minimum salary and visa application fees.

Effective 1st January 2018, the minimum Israeli salary has increased from NIS 5000 to NIS 5300. Employees working under a SEA/STEP visa must now receive a gross monthly salary of at least 5300 NIS.

The National Insurance Institute of Israel is expected to publish an updated average salary during January 2018. The prevailing wage for one-year B-1 work visas is double the average salary. Currently, most applicants must earn a monthly salary of at least NIS 19068, with certain high-earning occupations requiring higher minimum salary thresholds.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior has updated work visa application fees, effective 1st January 2018. For B-1 work visas valid for at least six months the new fee is NIS 9675 (up from NIS 9655), due upon filing of the B-1 visa application at the Israeli embassy or consulate general abroad. Note that this does not include the work permit submission fee of NIS 1190, which remains unchanged.

Our Advice

Employers in Israel should take into account the new minimum salary and visa application fees.

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