JAPAN – New Visa System Launched

April 27, 2023

To attract individuals with highly specialized skills, Japan has created two new entry regimes. The J-Skip visa is aimed at special highly skilled professionals, while the J-Find “system for future creation” visa is designed for recent graduates of highly ranked universities so they may pursue job or entrepreneurship opportunities in Japan.


Overview of Special Highly Skilled Professionals “J-Skip” visa


Individuals holding at least master’s degree or 10 years of relevant work experience with annual income of 20 million JPY or more can apply for:

  • Highly Skilled Professional (i)(a): Advanced academic research activity or
  • Highly Skilled Professional (i)(b): Advanced specialized/technical activity.

Individuals with more than 5 years of practical experience in business management with annual income of 40 million JPY yen or more can apply for:

  • Highly Skilled Professional (i)(c) Advanced business management activity.


Additional preferential treatment

In addition to the preferential treatment under the Highly Skilled Professional point system, the following expanded preferential treatment is available.

  1. Hiring Domestic helper:

New criteria added: up to 2 persons (J-Skip visa holder with annual household income 30 million JPY yen or more can apply)

  1. Spouses of Special Highly Skilled Professionals

They are permitted to engage in a wider range of activities than current activities permitted for spouses (details omitted).

  1. Priority lanes at large airports are available when entering and leaving the country
  2. One year after entering Japan, The immigration status can be changed from “Highly Skilled Professional (i) to Highly Skilled Professional (ⅱ).

New criteria added: 1-year period of stay required for transition

  1. The period of stay required for permanent residence application is 1 year.

The government announcement is posted here.


Overview of Japan System for Future Creation Individual “J-Find” visa

In order to attract young overseas talent, “Designated Activities” status of residence will be granted to graduates of a university ranked in the top 100 at least two of the following three World University rankings* within the last five years and have the amount of deposit and savings at least 200,000JPY at the time of application for living expenses.

* QS Top Universities, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities.


They will be allowed to stay in Japan for up to two years for job hunting and preparation for starting business. They can accompany their dependents such as spouses and children.

The government announcement is posted here.

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