KENYA: New Online Immigration Application System Launched

March 7, 2016

Effective 2nd March 2016, foreign nationals applying for immigration documents must use the new electronic Foreign Nationals Services (eFNS) portal.

However, the online portal is not yet fully operational, and manual applications may still be necessary in some cases.

Which applications can be made through eFNS?

The eFNS has been established by the Department of Immigration Services to manage the following applications:

  • Foreign Nationals Certificate (Alien Card), Re-Entry Pass and Extension of Visitor”s Pass;

  • Work/Residence Permits (all classes, depending on activity);

  • Dependent Pass, Student Pass and Special Pass (for short-term work and business activities up to six months);

  • Permanent Residence;

  • Citizenship.

How does eFNS work?

An applicant must obtain an eCitizen single sign-on account. They can then log in and apply for any of the Foreign National Services here, and must pay for the services online.

Action Items

  • Expect some delays and uncertainty as the new system is implemented. Please refer to an immigration adviser for the latest information.

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