KENYA: Pilot of Digital Biometric Registration

June 26, 2018

The Department of Immigration Services (DIS) is currently piloting a new digital Biometric Foreigner Registration (BFR) process alongside the existing manual biometric registration system for Foreign Nationals Certificate (“Alien Card”) applications.

The new system is designed to create a national database of registered foreign nationals and to drastically reduce processing times for Alien Cards.

Those selected for the pilot process will have to submit fingerprints and a photograph digitally and a receipt will be generated to confirm the registration.

The documents used in the manual foreigner registration process are still required in support of the pilot digital BRR process, including the completed and signed online application Form 50 via the electronic Foreign National Service (eFNS) portal.

Our Advice

Employers should ensure that any foreign national employees staying in Kenya for more than 90 days are registered with the eFNS.

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