KUWAIT: Original University Degrees Required to Renew Iqama Residency Permits

October 24, 2017

Effective by the end of October 2017, Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (MOI) authorities will begin requiring foreign nationals to submit their original university degrees when filing applications for renewal of their Iqama residency permits.

Initially, this requirement will apply only to holders of university degrees, but will be applied in the future to holders of other educational certificates as well.

MOI authorities will be more closely scrutinising the validity of foreign nationals’ education degrees and certificates in an attempt to address the problem of companies bringing unskilled or unqualified foreign labour to Kuwait.

Applicants submitting forged degrees or degrees that differ from those submitted in the initial work authorisation and immigration process may face prosecution for forgery.

Our Advice

Foreign nationals renewing Iqama residency permits are advised to ensure that they have originals of their university degrees and that those originals match any degree documents submitted in the initial immigration process.

For questions or concerns with complying with this new requirement, please contact your Newland Chase immigration specialist for assistance.

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