Live Webinar | Employee International Travel: It’s Never “Duty-Free”

March 22, 2007

Duty of Care… its one of those buzz-word hot topics of the last few years in the global mobility industry. We’ve heard of it… but what does it actually mean? Can you define it for your company? Or is it simply a product of so many HR conference sessions and webinars? Does your company really have a duty to care for an employee traveling alone and unsupervised half-way around the world? How is that even possible?

What is our workplace? We all know that we are responsible for our employee’s safety in our “workplace”. But what about our employees that travel internationally? What is their workplace? Our overseas office? Planes, trains, automobiles… airports, stations, hotels, restaurants in between?

And what is “safe” nowadays? Today’s world is a dangerous place. What I consider unsafe in my office in London may be considered commonplace in Karachi. So who’s to say what standard of safety we apply?

To shed some light on this oft-hazy topic and its unanswered questions … join us for this clear and practical look at a company’s duty of care for employees traveling internationally, where you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is our “duty of care”?
  • What is the “workplace” for international assignees?
  • What is “reasonably safe”?
  • How can we meet our duty of care and minimize risk of liability?
  • “Real world” cases and examples, travel policies, and technology solutions for all of the above.

Join Newland Chase’s Kent O’Neil, J.D., Global Legal Analyst, and Andrew Lewis, VP, Product Marketing & Customer Experience, for this live, interactive webinar giving insight and practical approaches for HR and global mobility managers to keep their valued employees traveling internationally safe, healthy, and productive… and their company free of liability.

Kent is a global legal analyst and frequent writer and speaker on international business and global corporate mobility. He holds a J.D. from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, and prior to joining Newland Chase, worked in private practice and in-house in both the U.S. and Asia.

Andrew heads Newland Chase’s and CIBTvisa’s team focusing on designing and maximizing end-user experience with innovative technology solutions specifically tailored for the global travel and immigration industry. He came to the organization from academia, where he holds a PhD in History and taught at the university level.

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