Live Webinar | Uncover the Hidden Risks of Intra-EU Employee Mobility

June 18, 2008

Your employee is an EU citizen. So assigning them to work in another European Union member country is simple, right? No need for work permits or entry visas… so no need to worry about immigration details.  Wrong. “Hidden risks” await unwary EU employees and their mobility managers.

Don’t be caught unaware! Newland Chase’s experts uncover the potential risks of… posted worker notifications, social security, document retention requirements, labour inspections, and more in this 60-minute interactive webinar specifically designed for mobility managers handling placement of EU employees in other locations throughout the EU.

Among the topics covered, you’ll learn:

  • When, where, and how of posted worker notifications;
  • What social security rules apply and how to keep your company compliant;
  • How to respond, and the documents which must be on site, in the event of a surprise workplace inspection.

Join Newland Chase’s Jason Rogers, VP and Senior Global Immigration Counsel and Sophy King, VP of Global Immigration.

Jason and Sophy bring years of experience advising the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies on their mobility strategy in Europe and around the globe.

With this rare opportunity to learn from top experts teaming-up to demystify the confusing intersection of immigration, labour law, and social security, this webinar is a must for all global mobility managers.

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