MALAYSIA: Auto-Gate Available for Long-Term Pass Holders

December 14, 2022

Previously, long-term pass holders could only pass through the manual immigration counter at the Malaysian immigration airport. The Immigration Department has announced that long-term pass holders in Malaysia are now able to enter via the automatic gate facility at the airport. They may take advantage of this facility without completing any prior registrations.

Foreign nationals can only enter and exit through the automatic gate facility if they hold a valid passport with a digital chip that complies with the International Civil aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, and also a valid long-term pass in Malaysia.

Newland Chase Insights

Long-term pass holders who will utilize the Autogate facility will no longer have manual endorsement on the passport upon entering and exiting Malaysia. However, it is highly recommended for the pass holders to keep any receipts issued at the Autogate facility upon entry and exit in case they are required to present them later to the authorities.

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