MEXICO: Test Program to Expedite Entry for Foreign Nationals

August 3, 2022

As of August 2, 2022, the National Immigration Institute has implemented a test program at the Guadalajara and Cancun airports to speed up the admission of foreign nationals into the country.

Currently, the immigration authorities are not delivering Multiple Immigration Forms (FMM) and instead are stamping passports with a note indicating the days of legal stay. The immigration authorities have confirmed that they are doing some tests, therefore, foreigners can receive the FMM or the stamp indicated above.

This new process is being applied for Visitors (tourism/business) and foreigners who enter to do their local registry processes. In the case of local registry processes, the stamp will indicate a stay of 30 days and the word “canje”.

It is important to mention that currently, there isn’t an official communication from the National Immigration about this new procedure. This program can be extended to other airports without previous notice and there is no certainty about how long it will last.

Please note that it is possible to obtain an electronic FMM. To obtain this document, foreigners must enter the following link:

They then need to follow the instructions on the portal, print the FMM and show it to the immigration officers at the port of entry, who will stamp the FMM and indicate the authorized length of stay.

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