Why are More Britons and Foreigners Staying in the UK?

December 3, 2015

A lot of attention has been paid recently to the number of people migrating to the UK, especially when this year”s net migration has gone up by 84,000. However, what is the contributing factor to this increase?
According to The Office for National Statistics, the rate of emigration from the UK to other countries has fallen by 20,000 from the year before. The rate of emigration by non-EU citizens out of the UK is also at an all-time low having dropped from 105,000 emigrating in one year to June 2014, compared to 85,000 in the same period this year. Britons however are still emigrating out of the UK more than foreigners, although still at a 7,000 reduction from the previous year. As such, the increase appears to not solely be down to people moving to the UK but the fact that resisdents are not emigrating outside of the country.   
The reasons fewer citizens are deciding to leave the UK? This appears to be down to work, and the fact that people don”t feel the need to move elsewhere to gain full time employment. Emigration figures illustrate how strong the UK labour market is compared to other countries, especially within Europe as it is far easier to keep your job in the UK than try to gain employment in a country that is still suffering economically. 
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