MOROCCO: New Online Work Permit Application Platform

June 9, 2017

Effective 1st June 2017, the Ministry of Labour in Morocco has made it mandatory to complete all work permit application forms electronically via a new online system called Taechir. Manual completion of application forms is no longer accepted.

What has changed?

All application forms must now be completed online. A tracking number is provided and notifications of approval, rejection or completion are sent by email.

The processing time for work permit approvals has already been reduced to two to three weeks, although this may change in the coming weeks.

What has not changed?

Applications still have to be submitted manually at Ministry of Labour with original forms and all required documents.

Application forms still need to be signed and legalised in Morocco (or authenticated by public notary and apostilled abroad).

Our advice

Employers in Morocco should be sure to use the new online application-filling system to prepare work permit applications.

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This information was provided by our sister company, Peregrine Immigration Management.