MOZAMBIQUE: New Rules for Annual Submission of “Nominal List” of Employees

April 13, 2016

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has implemented Decree number 104/2015, published in November 2015, amending the procedure for the mandatory annual submission by employers of the “nominal list” of their local and foreign national employees.

What has changed?

All corporate entities in Mozambique are required to submit a nominal list (“mapa da relação nominal”) annually stating details of foreign national and local employees.

Since 1st March 2016, this should now be submitted to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (“MITESS”) online via the MITESS portal, rather than manually as had previously been the case. Companies that do not have access to Internet can still submit a hard copy of the nominal list and send it to the local office of the MITESS.

Furthermore, the nominal list must now be submitted between 1st and 30th April each year, with data referring to the month of March of the same year. Previously, the deadline for submission was 30th June each year.

Action Points

  • Employers in Mozambique must ensure that they submit their nominal list by 30th April via the new online portal.

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