Newland Chase-FSG Overview

What is Newland Chase-FSG?

Through a unique joint venture between our parent company, CIBT, and China’s leading State Owned HR services company, FSG. We have formed a strategic partnership of the leading global provider of immigration and visa services and the leading Chinese provider of HR services. This new entity is uniquely positioned to offer the full range of CIBTvisas and Newland Chase’s global immigration and visa capabilities with unparalleled access into all areas of China.

Why a joint venture?

CIBT’s position as the leading global provider of immigration and visa services and FSG’s position as the leading Chinese State Owned Enterprise provider of HR services made for a perfect fit. Both organizations bring a wide portfolio of distinguished clients with interests in China. Through this unique joint venture, we will be able to provide these clients with a level of visa and immigration services unrivaled by foreign immigration providers.

What specific services will the new joint venture offer?

The new joint venture will offer our full range of comprehensive visa and immigration management services – specifically:

  • Comprehensive immigration and business visa management
  • Customized corporate immigration compliance and policy consultation services
  • Technology for mobile employee compliance, reporting, and analysis
  • Full suite of consular services: access to global embassies and consulates, document authentications, legalizations and apostilles, work authorization stamping, and appointment setting
  • Client advocacy before government officials and lawmakers
  • Chinese global client service manager and global immigration advisory services
  • Immigration and right-to-work compliance and mock audits
  • Pre- and post-arrival immigration support
  • Immigration and business travel assessments of potential assignees and immigration and visa options
  • Education on key immigration changes
  • Guidance on immigration strategies aligned with group moves, mergers/acquisitions, or other specific project work
  • Strategic global workforce planning

What are CIBTvisas FSG and Newland Chase FSG?

CIBT offers a comprehensive suite of services under two primary brands: Newland Chase, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations worldwide, and CIBTvisas, the market leader for business and other travel visa services for corporate and individual clients. The two brands will be recognized in China as CIBTvisas-FSG and Newland Chase-FSG. In general, CIBTvisas-FSG will offer outbound travel visa services, and Newland Chase-FSG will offer inbound immigration services.

How will inbound immigration services be different?

Newland Chase-FSG will offer a truly high-touch, consultative approach to inbound China immigration. Newland Chase-FSG stands apart from other China immigration providers in the level of expertise and the level of service it can provide. Its immigration professionals, attorneys, and qualified migration consultants are leaders in the industry. Beyond supporting immigration processes – Newland Chase-FSG is able to offer the highest level of strategic planning, immigration policy and compliance advice, technology solutions, and advisory services on large-scale and complex projects.

How can I get more information on how the new joint venture can benefit me?

The best way is to is reach out via this form to schedule a one-to-one conversation, either in person or by phone. That way one of our professionals can personally assess your needs and recommend the services to most effectively benefit you.