NETHERLANDS: IND Investigating (Bela)Russian Ties with Recognized Sponsors

April 5, 2022

The Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) is to reach out to recognized sponsors (companies that are considered as trustworthy partner of the IND) to request they complete a statement to confirm whether they have any connections with Bela(Russian) mother companies.

The EU has adopted sanctions against Russia and Belarus in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and there are different types of sanctions. The IND has announced that where companies that are not listed on the sanctions list, but still have a connection with a Bela(Russian) mother company noted on the list, those Dutch companies will also be impacted through the sanctions.

The IND will update the application forms. There will be a statement in the application form that will need to be confirmed if the company is a subsidiary from a Bela(Russian) company. In addition, the IND will also contact the recognized sponsors and the company will need to complete an additional statement. The completed and signed statement must then be forwarded to the IND.

If the company is related to a Bela(Russian) company that is noted on the sanctions list, the IND will determine the consequences for the application; the individual circumstances of the foreign national (Highly Skilled Migrant, EU ICT permit holder, etc.) will be taken into account. The recognized sponsor will then be informed of the outcome. Furthermore, the consequences for the recognized sponsor will also be investigated.

We continue to closely monitor the situation in Ukraine and the surrounding region. We will also provide you with further updates regarding any changes for Dutch immigration applications.

Individuals and organisations impacted by this development are encouraged to contact a Newland Chase immigration specialist for case-specific advice. For general advice and information on immigration and business travel to the UK, please contact us.

This immigration update is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal or scenario-specific advice. Furthermore, it is important to note that immigration announcements are subject to sudden and unexpected changes. Readers are encouraged to reach out to Newland Chase for any case- or company-specific assessments.